Fire Ants Facts

Fire ants are vicious little stinging ants that colonize in soil. In other words, your lovely backyard could be just as appealing to Fire Ants.

They are also particularly attracted to electrical devices like landscape lighting and outdoor electrical boxes. Fire Ants live up to their name. The sting is intense and causes blisters to form on the skin about a day later. The real problem is if you stumble into a colony you won’t get one sting, you could get hundreds! If left unchecked a new colony of fire ants can grow to as much as 100,000 stinging workers in just one year! Getting rid of them is no easy task either. Spraying is often not enough as these ants can burrow six feet into the ground. So most experts use bait-oriented approaches that attract worker ants with an appealing meal filled with a slow-acting toxin. The workers then take this toxin back into the colony and feed it to all the other ants. One this is certain. If you have fire ants, you need to get help and eliminate the problem before someone gets hurt. 

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